Monday, January 19, 2009

Tara Wall views the world very differently than I

Tara Wall, a former adviser to the RNC and former Bush appointee, just wrote a commentary on CNN (click here for the article) in which she claims that Bush will be vindicated one day, then continues to spin out the garbage that the executive branch has been leaving all over the air waves for the last month or so. For those of us glad to see Bush in hiding throughout the election and the holidays, whatever joy we had has been replaced by aneurysm-inducing fury over this "legacy campaign" he's been waging before having to vacate the premises this weekend.

The first main point she makes is Bush's perceived success in "protecting the homeland" and that the steps he took "led to a better world." Allow me to remind Ms. Wall, and anyone reading this, about reality. 3000 Americans died in 9/11 under Bush's watch. Why is he (and his fatuous supporters) giving himself a free pass on the worst attack on American soil in sixty years? It wasn't his job yet? Even denying the fact that he was given a memo about bin Laden's plans to attack a month before, is it not a shortcoming of his administration that this happened? And how did waging an endless war in a country that had nothing to do with that attack make the world any better? How has he not completely lost his mind from lying to himself for the last six years?

Here's another telling quote: "The legacy Bush leaves behind won't be everything he wanted (particularly as it relates to popularity), but on many fronts, it will be better than that of his predecessor. Bill Clinton may have been popular, but his moral failings brought shame on the office of the presidency and tainted the people's house." Moral failings? The death of 7000 Americans isn't a moral failing? I'll take blowjobs in the Oval Office over dead Americans any day. Call it immoral if you want, I don't give a fuck.

And she ends with this: "That is the legacy he wants. Popular or not, he kept America safe. And if nothing else, for that, he will be vindicated." I wish the faces of the 3000 that died on 9/11 could haunt Bush and anyone that agrees with this statement for the rest of their lives; lives hopefully lived in complete obscurity.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Predictions for Real World: Brooklyn

•The wide-eyed innocence of episode one will be replaced with back-biting paranoia by episode three.

•The faux-hawked Mormon virgin will decide he “might be into boys” in the fourth episode.

•The Iraq vet will decide he isn’t ready to be under a microscope for two months and leave in the fifth episode. The beauty queen’s breasts will take his place.

•The transgendered woman will have the fewest hang-ups.

•I will lose a piece of my soul every Wednesday at 10 PM.

•Who am I kidding? The Vegas cast took my soul. And my youthful illusion that Vegas was a place of wonder and vitality. Which is still true if wonder=elbow herpes and vitality=discounted implants.

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